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Submitted on
May 17, 2012


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I know that some people are becoming frustrated by everyone
changing their names now that the option is available. If you
are one of those people I am sorry for the inconvenience this
may bring.

However, I have wanted to change my name on here for a LONG
time now so I am very glad to finally be able to change to a more
professional/personal DA name! I know there are several people,
like myself, that created their accounts MANY years ago and created
a nickname (which they think is lame now) not thinking about the
future ... I almost cleared this whole account out and created a new
one a few times as I know several people have before. But being
able to change your name and keep all of your watchers, etc... is
so much nicer/easier.

Have a good day and hopefully no one is too upset about the name
change! C:
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I got this notification of your user name changing and ... Battousai777 !! it's really you ( ;A; ) !
long time since I last visited your page !
(since I'm haven't been active much on DA in the past years ) but wow ...

felt so nostalgic , I felt like leaving you a "Beautiful work" message again :")

* I know I've left the same message on your gallery but I couldn't delete it , and I felt here is more proper to leave you such message .

Sorry !!
haha that's okay C:

Hello hello, and thanks a lot! :D
Silver786 May 17, 2012  Student Writer
Actually we have a tsunami of changements so it's quite confusing, indeed, but in the end we will always recognize the style of the artist so it doesn't really disturb me :D

Also, the avatars may help, for those, like me, who doesn't change very often :lmao:

And if it pleases you to change, no one have to say something, it's your decision :)
I am all about remembering people by their avatars. haha

It's worse for me when they are changing their avatars than if they change their actual name.
I agree with the reasons pushing "old"artists to change username and I think it is a nice option :)
I just trust it is confusing because everyone does it at the same time so it's hard to follow all the changes ^^;
Yeah, well I hope it doesn't cause you too much confusion. C:
As you kept your icon I trust it should be alright :)
I don't even remember what your old DA name was ;P
XullraeZauviir May 17, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Missed ya Corey. :XD:
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